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Installation of jetAudio Media-Center 7.0

Now, we will guide you with the installation process of jetaudio.
As first, make shure your system has the minimum hardware requirements as follow:

 CPU: Pentium or AMD with 800 MHz (1,4 GHz or more Recommned)
 Memory: 256 MB RAM (512 MB or more Recommended)
 Discspace: 40 MB Free space at your system harddisc or partition
 Operatingsystem: Windows 98/Me/2000/XP/Vista
 Soundcard/Chip - any soundsource is working with jetAudio, but for best sound we recommend an Soundcard
 Headphones or speakers
 Microphon (Optional)
 DirectX 8 or higher
 QuickTime 4 or higher for QT-Video

If you are not shure, what system configuration you have, just take a look at your Systempanel.
(just open the startmenu, select "Systempanel" and then "System". An window will pop up with the information you need)

(German version:)

If your system is ready to using jetAudio, then Download the jetAudio 7 install package here:
Save the File at a place on your Harddisc, you will find it ! ;-)

Now, doubbleclick the JAD7000_VX_COWON.exe File, you have downloaded.
You will get the message: "This is an selfextracting Archive...." - press "Yes" to proceed.
As next, you get an security alert from Windows for an uncertified software.
Press "Execute" - then the package will extracted.After the extracting process is complete, you get the
installshield" window.


In the next step, you have to confirm the end-user-license agreement:

in the next two steps, you can select or unselect, what filetypes will be opened by default with jetAudio.
If you don´t prefer an special programm for one of these filetypes, then just go ahead with the next step.
Otherwise uncheck the filetypes, you want to open with your other media program.


Lets go to the next. Here you can check/unchek, if you want to have shortcuts on your windows
desktop or the quick launch menu in the taskbar:

After the next confirmation step, the install process will start.
You can see the progress and after some seconds the installing is finished.

Now, you should restart your windows system as the last step:

After the system restart, jetAudio is completely finished for using.
You will find jetAudio in your start menu, and the quicklaunchbar or the desktop - just click the jetAudio icon for start jetAudio.

Now, you should open the jetAudio preferences for setting up yur system and customize your program.
Read here for helplines:

If you want to deinstall jetAudio, then you have to use the Systempanel and find the jetaudio deinstall entry unter
"Software", as shown in the next screenshot:

After selecting the jetAudio entry and confirm with "deinstall" you have to restart your PC again to finish the deinstall process.