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jetAudio - The Future

This section is for showing possible concepts of future versions of jetAudio and discuss different features.
This is not the official jetAudio development state, its just lets sy, an whish list of the customers.
We will see, what of our ideas, cowon will integrate in the future.
You can talk about this topic
right here in the Forum  

Ok.... here is all the suggestions from all users for jetAudio 7 in complete and viewable form:
This could be the new Style of jetAudio 7:

jetaudio 7x concept

More modern in crystal Style and with a lot of new and changed features !

All extern functions are stored in an easy to use menue.

More control about the Visuals:
The old Dot-Spectrum is replaced with an Bitmap Spectrum for a lot of new, cool EQ Visualisations. A 2nd EQ Spectrum is for cool shows of the Musicbeat !(Maybe an pulsing Dancefloor )
The normal visuals can be showed in the normal Display anstead of the Spectrum as Backgroundvisual !!! ( User can toggle between the Modes )

New Skinbrowser:
jetaudio 7x concept skinbrowser

The New Skinbrowser gives the users more control:
In the Skin script & Skin graphic directory are stored more than one Background images.So, the User can choose from one of some Skincolors the skinbuilder gives to the Skin :

jetaudio 7x concept color shemes

And here are an detailed view of the new player window:
( click the image to enlarge ):

jetaudio 7x concept extendet  

All sliding windows can be selected ( left, right, upper, lower )

A) The clock is for much users not important. So i have put it to the upper Window. Maybe cowon could ad an RSS Function for recieving weather datas of your area ? That could be displayed in the Clockwindow too as an new feature ;-)

B) The Old Pitch/Speed function of jetAudio is replaced with an more DJ like Pitch adjust window ! An real Slider can change the value of the Speed, Pitch Pitch with format correction or BPM Speed. The Beats per minute can be count automaticly or by tapping the spacebar. The BPM info can be written to the ID3 Tag. The new Pitch Slider can be used for the X-Fade function too.
For an better DJing the player can add cue points and save it to the Tag or the New playlist.

C) The Mixerwindow gets an "Gain Slider" for amplife or lower the input Signal.(Very usefull for too loudy or quietly Videos !)

D) All the Effects in jetaudio are placed to the left window for an better overwiew. All functions can be selected seperately !
An global Bypass kill all effects at one time.

And here is an detailed view of the Mainwindow: ( click the image to enlarge ):

jetaudio 7x concept working

1) The new Bitmap Spectrum Window allows cool EQ visuals without restrictions.
The user can select/unselect witch EQ spectrum graphics the player will show (For slower machines)
The old Dot-based Spectrum is for compatibility of older Skins selectable. (Or choosed by the Skin)

2) The old info Viewer is an unusuable thing for all users ! But the new form is an very cool function:
For example, somebody build an Britney Spears - Skin. Then he can add an small interface in the Infoviewer with an backgrund image and some links to the Britney Spears Website or links to audio and video mediafiles (directly play in jetaudio by clicking) or some contained pictures of Britney Spears... just as he want... The size of the infoviewer window is changable by the skinbuilder.
Or he can use this as an ad-website too ;-) (like we all now it from the old info viewer - but the link can be changed by the Skinbuilder)

3) The new Skinbrowser contains an new funktion: You can choose one of more Backgroundimages, if the skinbuilder has put more than one to the skinfile. Than you can select maybe another colorsheme ;-)
The SKinbrowser can add new skins easyer, than we know it from the old skinfiles ! If you download an skinfile, the skinbrowser automaticly open and install all the contained things of the skinfile in the right way.

4) Included Playmodes:
All playmodes are direct to select from the mainwindow ! Some old Modes are included , like the mini mode and some new modes are addet ! Like the DJ Playmode (With two jetAudioplayers and some more DJ functions) and the Playlistmode ( Only the playlist with some more functions than the old one is displayed anstead of the mainwindow+albumwindow) This is for Playlistfreaks !!! :-)

You can see it here on the graphic i made with the old skins:( click the image to enlarge )

jetaudio 7x concept playmodes

5) The trancarency of the playerwindow can be adjusted directly from the mainwindow now !

6) The Webradio Button has an submenue with an direct startlink to jetcast (!!!) and the normal jetcast homepage link.
Now you can add your own radiostationlinks to the menue :-)

7) The "Get Music" Button is renamed to "Get More" and contains all, what for jetaudio users is usefull.
Like the jetaudio Website, the Forum, The shopping links, links from the Skinbuilder for you, and your own liks you may need :-)

8) Visualisations:
The visuals from the extern Visual window can no be showed at the mainwindow display as displaybackground. If you select this, the EQ Spectrum graphics are setted off automaticly (For an better view to the visuals ;-) *LOL* )

9) Now, jetaudio can use and manage all plug ins you could need !!! :-)

10 ) The Beat visualisation is for maybe special Skins. For example: The beat of the music sould be showed as the light effects, you know it from the Madonnas - Hung Up Video - Ghetto blaster ! Or an dancing light or what ever the skinbuilder could have for ideas :-)

11) Now, all value sliders can display an direct feedback. That means you see the value as diggits or graphic
For the future i would suggest an 6th Mode. i would name it: extended mode.
This mode is special for RIP / Convert and Burn. An Fullsize Window, with all of the Rip/Conv/Burn funcions at one screen.
Thats more easyer to handle and have an great potencial !!!
The idea is, depending on the thing, you would do, you just toggle to the special mode.
With that system, its possible to add more modes in the Future (Audio Editor Mode, Sequenzer MOde or what ever the future brings up ;-)

Ok... and here is, what i mean with "D.J. Playmode": Its an seperate mode, with two "instances" of jetaudio runnig as one window
( click the image to enlarge )
jetaudio 7x concept dj mode

and here is my strogly to change for the next update suggestion:
( click the image to enlarge )
jetaudio 7x concept mainmode

Thats only a few things you can implant and change easy, i think and so please do it for the next update.

1. Mode:

instead of a lot own buttons for Toolbarmode, minimize and go to tray, i think the better option is, to make an pulldownmenu. The reason is:
Then you can apply some more modes in the future.
Its very stupid to have 2 seperate complete skins for normal and mini.
Its better, to implant an minimode to the Skin.
For example: i have produced an complete Skin suite. That means:
I have build an mainplayer, an mini player and an Tollbar with all windows.
Now, i have to build 2 seperate Skins. One for normal and one for mini.
All the other skinnigs are dubblet in both skins.
The Better way is, to apply an minimode directory to the SDK and to the Script. Then all is together in one Skin and the consumer can change from normal to mini like the toolbarmode.

What i mean with "Playlistmode" is, that the user is able to kill the normal or toolbarwindow, by using the playlist. he can hide it left or right or top or buttom and would have no other playerwindows open. The playlist have all functions for playing and i think in the next version it gets much more... So i think its better to have the option to see just the playlist with all the funktions, but without a 2nd playerwindow ! And the user can choose it from the Pulldown menu.

The DJ Mode is for Future versions, but maybe you can make it easy.
I will build an screenshot, for you to know what i mean in the next posting.

JetCast could be Started from this pulldown too - that would be easyer, than searching in the windows startmenue !!!

2. Replace the stupid EQ Spectrum Dots with bitmaps the skinbuilder can change. Then i can build an Spectrum just as i want ;-)
(For example an lighning Dancefloor) Itīs VERY important to change the sytem from DOT to Bitmap ! Cause this makes a lot of the complete design of an Skin!!!(For older Skins the dots can be stay in the script, but the both spectrum systems should be to set on/off)

3. Bring more functions to the player. The most important is an Plugin selector button and some IDīs for going directly to Tagedit/Lyric Edit/Audiotrimmer or what ever.

4. An transparency Button for diretly choose the value or on/off status.
The allways on top button goes from left side of the skin to the right.

5. The Link Button !!!
(Important !) You have created an linkbutton, you call "Get Music" . This pulldownmenu you should make more usable for the skinbuilder and the user. You could implant all your cowonsites, the mp3 sites, and 2 special menues. The first for the skinbuilder, he can change and add links in the script, and the second for the user. There he could add some links, he think what for jetadio is helpfull.
If you would build an saveable jetaudio config file, all the user preferences like the links could be save there. And the user could save the config file to another place, if he need this in the future (Very important and easy for you to build !)

6. BPM

its possible to write anything to the MP3 Tag. In the Comment field of the ID3 Tag could we write the BPM info (for example in the folowing format: [BPM 128.5]
If jetaudio found an format, like this, he could take over the info to the BPM function.
The BPM function could change the Speed by BPM. For example, the file has 120 BPM, then 120 BPM is written in the middle of the BPM Speed Slider. And then it counts upper and lower, so the user could set "144 BPM" and the music will played in 144BPM faster speed. (Iīll hope you know, what i mean)
In the BPM Dropdownmenu the user could coose a method to meassure the BPM. "Automatic" (the computer read all low basses in an title and create an BPM info) or he could open an window to count the BPM by tapping the spacebar for every beat in maybe 10 seconds and then the info is in jetaudio and the user could save the BPM info to tag.
Then (or if he have typed the BPM info manually to the Tag) he could change the speed by BPM.
Thats very important, for the next version of jetaudio with an DJ Mode.
Cause if the Musicfile has an BPM Tag, then we could build in an "BPM Match" Button for set the Speed of player A to the speed of Player B.

7 Gain Control

Sometimes the input Signal is to low (Often if you watch DVD by jetaudio) or to strong. An gaincontrol , seperate from the windowsmixer copuld be very helpfull !


Technical Things:

MAke all funktions for Skinbuilders available and handy ! For example wth an ID-List. So, every Skinbuilder can put that function on the interface, he wants to.

DJ Support, like
BPM Counter,
BPM Tag Edit,
multiple instances
speedequalizing option (BPM Matching)
saveable Cue pionts & and play from cue position
Variable Pitch Bend
Loop function
Reverse playback
DJ features in Album/Playlist/tags

The Speed features in jet 6 are not usable ! Cause it sounds very bad, if you try to use them. The Format correction working like an shredder for audiofiles. An simple speed changing option like at turntables could be help ;-) The Speed features should be used as an slider (Think about the skinbuilders !!!!)

musican toys

Jetaudio has an own midisynthesizer - why you donīt build in an virtual Keyboard and Softsynth (with edit functions) ?


The Albummanagement/quick album is just a toy in jetaudio ! You should build up an high usefull album with a lot of search and listfunctions.
it must read playlist/album files from other apps, like BPM studio too...

Tag Edit:

The tag editor in jetaudio has some Bugs. If you insert Lyrics, it just working in jetaudio, but not with other players. I have to use another application for edit lyric to make it compatible with WMP, Winamp a.s.o.... Pleas fix that.
It could be helpfull to implant BPM Stings in the Tag. (as i wrote in DJ Support)
If you want to edit karaoke lyrics, you have to decide between karaoke and normal tag. The problem is: If you give somone your karaoke MP3 file and he using WMP or something, he canīt see the lyrics.So i have to create normal layric tags for make it compatible and the cool karaoke tag feature will be forgotten...!

Edit Files

The File cutter is an cool thing, but it could be more helpfull, if you implant more functions to the Editor.

Professional Features:

96 khz support (For musicans they want to play the composed tracks with jetaudio)

Asio / VST Support !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Compatibility with Alcatech / Steinberg and related professional Products


Make it usable !

Skinning System:

Here is a lot of to!!!

Make it more flexible !
Jeataudio canīt show animations, sounds and intros.
We need an ID list !!!!
Make all features skinnable !
Give us an visual Skineditor ! Itīs been taking a lot of time to adjust the right position of buttons and other stuff!!!
implant the makejsk.exe to the skineditor !
implant all IDīs (all functions of jetaudio) to the Skineditor !
Give help for using the correct values and options to the functions !
The spectrum window is an joke !
We can only change the colors of the Background dots and the bottom/mid/top Dots. Whats about the many other Spectrum displaying things like circular displaying, or whatever ? Why i canīt use more than one Spectrum Instance (the extern Specrum i cant use in the skin !)
For example, i want to give the skin some lighteffects. Maybe one basslight left an one right. And in the middle, i want to display an dancefloor spectrum effect... not possible with jetaudio...