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You get Error while using jetAudio or you have find some Bugs ?
Please post it at the media play forum or the cowon forum in english or german.
Many People will help you to prevent Errors and the Buglist will forwarded to the jetAudio software engeneers. jetAudio Forum
German & English

Cowon Forum
English only

As next, we will build up an jetAudio F.A.Q System here
Just visit us from time to time :-).

Buglist:( last update: 25.04.2007 ) ver.

- Balloons sometimes are not on top (of desktop).
- Media Manager doesn't remember your choice to display on bottom part "My Computer" list.
- sometimes it cant play *.flv files properly
- When clicking any of the sound effects in media center, they stay checked. You cannot un-check them.
  You have to get back to jetaudio main window to un-check them
- Media Center doesn´t remember the arrangement of columns for artist, track, a.s.o.
- In Media Center, under Browse (Auto) node, there are duplicates in it.
  Many of albums are repeated several times
- sometimes jetAudio crashes , if you want to press the "Run Audio Mixing Recorder" button in the record window
- Certain key combinations cannot be assigned as hotkeys